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Among the many uses of hemp, a hand protection cream and anti-aging lotion varieties have been the most popular. This can be attributed to the proven benefits these products have to offer. As these products are free of harmful chemicals usually present in other subsidiary chemical-based products, they are preferred by most users. The production of hemp-based skin care products has increased in the united states of America in the past year. The general statistics show the increased output of 30% hemp-based products. With the legalization in most states in 2018, more farmers are leaving behind conventional harvesting crops and moving on to hemp. As hemp production and processed products have increased, more hemp is required to meet the ever-increasing demands.

Hemp production has increased by almost 70 % since last year in the USA. The key states involved in this mass production are Kentucky, Colorado, Illinois, where more farmers are getting into Hemp harvesting because of its increased market value and increased monetary returns. The overall USA stands as the third-largest producer of hemp on a global scale, coming behind Canada and China. Most of the population has started using a plant-based organic alternative, and this reason can be attributed to the increased production of hemp all over the world.

Key ingredients: 

What makes hemp hand protector lotion special is the nature of components present in it. As it is infused with hemp seed oil, it acts as a good lubricant and hence keeps the skin looking lively. As most of the ingredients are organic and devoid of chemicals, even though these products do not have the same effect as conventional chemical-based products, they are chosen as an alternative due to the green tag attached to them. Here are the variety of ingredients generally infused with the cream to make it an effective hand protectol.
  • Skin conditioning agent: Hemp seed oil, Ricinus Communis seed oil, castor oil
  • Humectant: Glycerin
  • Buffering agent: Citric acid
  • Stabilizer: Xanthan Gum
  • Emollient: Copernicia Cerifera Cera
  • Skin texture enhancer: Retinyl Palmitate
  • Parfume components
  • Colour producers

Where to buy hemp hand protector cream:
This essential cream is available in all TBS stores and other specialized Cannabis stores across the United States. People can also find these products online in skin and beauty care portals such as The body shop or CBD specialty portals such as CBDdistillery, FabCBD, etc. Amazon has also started selling CBD based skin products recently. Some local medical shops and healthcare units also sell these skincare products in the 32 legal states in the USA.

Ingredients present in the lotion:

Fatty acids:
Hemp skin lotion is packed with EFAs. Both Omega 3 and Omega 6 (Gamma -Linolenic acid) are present in this lotion. They consist of vital amino acids that aid in the maintenance and repair of skin elements such as collagen and elastin, which aid in the anti-aging process. These ingredients help the skin in retaining moisture and hence help prevent wrinkles from forming.

Vitamins and minerals:
Hemp cream comes with an abundance of phytonutrients, which anti-aging. They have vitamins A to E, which assist in supplying free radical damage, acne therapy fostering elasticity and minimize dark spots, preventing dryness, stop harm from exposure to the sun, smoothen wrinkle lines, etc..

Where to Purchase hemp anti-aging cream:
Hemp anti-aging lotions Are offered in all CBD sockets across the USA. Many official CBD Website portals such as Amazon or FabCBD have products.

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